Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Male Football Fan and the Caveman

Watching College Football on TV Saturday with my in laws I was amazed once more at the young men who dress up and act like idiots at the college football games. It really is a big part of why College Football is so fun. Those crazy young men. Of course when my daughters, Erin and Melanie, went off to college I was very amused by the lunatic young men in the stands and thought "How fun is this?". Now don't get me wrong I was so very, very glad that I had girls and not boys going off to the College Football games. At least when the camera panned across my girls at the Baylor or A&M games I didn't have to fear my child would show up on camera topless and covered in Green or Maroon body paint!(Ted and I did check Tube just to be sure) So I still thought "How fun". Of course it had to girls each fell in love with one of "those crazy young college boys".

Then today, Sunday, I am watching the Houston Texan Football game and what do I see on the TV Screen? It seems to be 15 or 20 years after college and those same men are still topless and covered in body paint with Crazy hats on! I still think "how fun" but they aren't nearly as cute. I wonder what their wives are thinking...

And then I pondered...why does the male species feel the need to support their "teams" by taking their shirts off, painting their bodies in the team colors and grunting loudly into any passing camera filming?

I am sure I read somewhere in History where men would go off to war shirtless and covered in body paint and grunting loudly. How far back has this genetic abnormality been around? Is there any evidence Cavemen exhibited such behavior? I am sure they must have. And somewhere sitting around the cave was a female thinking to herself "How cute is that guy without the wolf skin on and dyed in berry juice dancing around the fire?"

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sleep Walking

I have known for years that my mind is a very, very strange place. As a child and through high school I was a sleep walker. My parents would find me walking down the street in the middle of the night. Good thing my father was light sleeper. I would often wake up under the dinning room table or under the coffee table or under my bed. No idea why but it was always scary to wake up somewhere strange. Back in "the olden" days no one thought of asking a shrink "why" I was doing this. It just seemed to be what I did from time to time.

After Ted and I got married the sleep walking seemed to stop and I didn't give much thought to again. When we found out Ted had cancer I must have started sleep walking again. I must have been "hiding" things from myself because many things went missing. All things "important" to me and then some have just "showed up". I knew I either had a ghost or multiple personalities. I called my brother, Dr. Ray Owens, and asked him how did you know if you were crazy. Being very wise Ray asked me "why are you asking me this?" I explained missing "things" had shown up and I must have a ghost or be crazy! Ray remembered I use to sleep walk and perhaps I was doing that again.

My children, sister and brother suggested I "film" my self sleeping. I thought that was really, really creepy and would never sleep so threw that ideal out! Of course I Begin to worry I was walking outside so didn't sleep anyway. I came up with idea to tape my doors, up high, each night. Sure enough, some nights my bedroom door tape was broken. I knew I had left the bedroom and "walked" around but thank God had not left the house. Some times I go days without walking and then I get up the tape is broken again. I do wish I knew where my "hiding Place" is. I still have some important items missing. But maybe some night I will return them to myself.

I was in Kansas City visiting my dad and brother recently. While there one morning I woke up with My purse, hair dryer and a book from their living room on my bed with me. Now what did all those things have in common? (I hope I didn't hide anything else of theirs while I was there.)

I am currently in East Texas at my in-laws house. Yesterday morning I woke up and had 6 books from their bookshelf stacked up on the bed with me. Did I do some "heavy" reading in the night? What was I looking for in those books? And what is it with me and putting books on the bed? Very weird. I just put the books back and didn't tell my in-laws not wanting them to find out after all these years that I am a NUT CASE.

So...what do you think I am doing with Books? By the way, I have never put the Bible in bed with me. Dictionary, encyclopedia, Biography on First Ladies...very strange.

What do you all think this means? Other than I am not sleeping but "reading" or "weight lifting". Wondering....

Monday, September 14, 2009

My first time to Blog

My cell phone rang this afternoon and I made the mistake of answering it. Melanie was going to Blog. Hours later I sit at the computer and I am Blogging. My blog looks like crap and I have no idea how to make it better. I am sure I can waste hours working on it and improve this site over time. I often have random thoughts to share so watch out.